Tid Bits to Live By…

1. Smile often. It increases the oxygen to the brain and makes you look prettier. Also, people are nicer to you.

2. Find a physical activity that puts a smile on your face and do it as often as possible for the rest of your life.

3. Have children (if you can). They will be the only true legacy you leave behind.

4. Take care of those you care about.

5. Express love and affection often. That means hug, kiss, caress, etc. and say it often.

6. Be nice to people.

7. Trust your intuition.

8. Tell people exactly what you feel and think. There is no point in beating around the bush. It wastes time and creates confusion.

9. Tell the truth. Lying is for cowards.

10. Take care of your body. It will last longer.

11. Trust the universe. It usually provides.

12. Help someone. It feels good.

13. Share your knowledge.

14. Be modest.

15. Pay full attention to the person or task in front of you.

16. Stand up straight. Good posture helps avoid back problems and projects self-confidence.

17. Allow yourself to feel.

18. Don’t dwell on the past. Act in the present.

19. Be thankful for little things on a daily basis.

20. Look into people’s eyes.

2 thoughts on “Tid Bits to Live By…

  1. Jescika says:

    So I guess that’s why my life is so great!!! I live my day following this motto and it’s AwsomE… Non of the less I have to ad this one:
    • “never do bad things to others, karma will eventually get you”
    • dance everytime you can even if you don’t know how to, just move and follow the bit, it feels great!!!
    my favorite one…
    “life is music so dance to live!!!!!”

    Thanks honey bunny, kisses!!!



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