Black Friday… WTF?!?!?!!

Black Friday… the shopping tradition has reached the point of ridiculous and abhorrent. Upon analysis, I’m beginning to think that this day and the accompanying reduction in brain matter that results from behaving like a primitive homo erectus is the epitome of what is wrong with society today.

These people pushing against a door like the jews would have done to get out of Auschwitz, are the same people who complain all year-long about the economy, Wall Street, etc. It can’t be that bad if they can afford a 50″ flat screen t.v. even with a $100 discount. Or perhaps they can’t and next year they’ll have the credit card company breathing down their necks. Who knows? Either way, I’m inclined to think that someone who was able to purchase an oversized, unnecessary television set, at any given time, has absolutely no right to complain. It’s nobody’s fault except their own, if they mishandled their money.

I know it’s Christmas. I know it’s the time for maximum expense. However, the average person standing in line at a Black Friday sale is probably not the one who can afford the maximum expense. In fact, I’m willing to bet, that person has amassed a nice little credit card debt. So tell me please, so that I may understand… If you have a $3000 dollar debt, why are you purchasing a $500 tv set? Shouldn’t you pay your bills first? Or spend $500 in ALL the gifts, instead of just one? Seriously…

So, not only do these people not really care about their economic situation, they also don’t care about sleep, social decorum, physical or mental health. I mean, camping out in front of the store and risking a heart attack over a gadget is just tipping the scales of reason in the wrong direction.  My guess is they appreciate the amount of money they will save. It makes me wonder just how much that is… But frankly I won’t bother to do that research. In all likelihood, omitting black friday would save more money, because without the advertised $100 discount, they would have never bought the tv in the first place and thus would’ve actually saved $500.


You save a little here, you save a little there, but in the end, you bought MORE (again the word) and spent more. Stop picketing at Wall Street and start boycotting their businesses! it will make a bigger difference in both their pockets and yours.

An example of Puerto Rican “black friday”ridiculousness:

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