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My friend Ricard Carbia rippin it.

Surf Photo Expedition (My first)

I went on my very first surf photo expedition yesterday. Yes! I have a brand new DSLR camera (bought it in November) and I just love it!!!! So I armed myself with the 300mm lens and went to Aviones beach; local metro area beach that usually has some sort of wave, although generally way too crowded. It was windy and cold…


La Ventana @ Utuado, Puerto Rico

Today we head north to Utuado, but we won't go to the usual spot in the area, The Camuy Caves... nope, today we head to another smaller cave with a spectacular view! "La Ventana" or "window" in English, is a short trip. Utuado is really close to Arecibo, neighboring towns, and you could do this trip on the same round as…

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The fish had already cleaned the inside of theis crab shell.

Taino Indian Cave @ Arecibo, Puerto Rico (La Cueva del Indio)

Puerto Rico is filled with amazing sights; places you think only exist in travel commercials and movies! The minute you step out of the San Juan metro area, the island transforms into a magical place of retro time travel, friendly faces and a laid-back attitude. Time slows down and you can drive around the island in a day, but you…


Digesting SOPA… and the Red Flags

I would like to start by saying that reading law has got to be one of the most boring experiences of my lifetime. I equate it to trying to swallow a dozen rice cakes without water. Equally bland, tasteless, repetitive and unpleasant. After chewing it down, we have to digest it. SOPA... it's not a big ass soup, it's the…


Por lo menos se…

Por lo menos seque aún soy capaz de tocar las nubesQue existen los roces electrizantesY las caricias que inspiran ternuraQue no perdió la piel su cosquillaY existe el terciopelo entro los dedos de otro serPor lo menos ya lo se...¡Pero que rápido se baja de las nubes! Copyright © Maricel Jiménez Peña 2011  


It’s been sometime…

 It’s been sometime since I ponder a verse Recent attempts seem wanting The words are raw Direct Momentary reality unchecked Too honest to share Even with faceless strangers on the internet But what are words if not tangible emotions? There is no point to them If unspoken, unwritten, or left unshared… Copyright © Maricel Jiménez Peña 2012


Recorridos Nocturnos…

Me dormí;como hago todas las nochesCerré los ojosy logré perderme bajo el lienzo de los sueñosFue allí donde me encontréEntre recuerdos y deseos,tinieblas y escombrosReinando en el mar de lo inciertoDonde lo más ilusose convierte en realidad. Copyright @ Maricel Jiménez Peña 2006


Chemtrails, conspiracies and contrails… Oh my!

Yesterday, January 11, 2012, Puerto Rico had a "chemtrail," "contrail" or whatever you want to call it, filled day. A fellow islander posted this video on you tube There were a lot of  line clouds! We all saw them. A friend even called and mentioned it. I had seen them too, and I remembered seeing these lines when I…


Your Line of Sight

My talents don't concern my looks My thoughts are there regardless of my ass My heart feels without my skin present My voice is oblivious to the color of my eyes My hands don't care if my hair is long or gray My feet move whether big or small I am here, regardless of your line of sight. Do you…


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