Chemtrails, conspiracies and contrails… Oh my!

Yesterday, January 11, 2012, Puerto Rico had a “chemtrail,” “contrail” or whatever you want to call it, filled day. A fellow islander posted this video on you tube

There were a lot of  line clouds! We all saw them. A friend even called and mentioned it. I had seen them too, and I remembered seeing these lines when I was a child.  I always figured they were planes, although in my head, I pictured navy jet planes.

My friend comments on how there are theories that these mysterious lines are actually chemicals (chemtrails) being spread in the sky for scientific or other “strange” purposes. The nerd in me cannot resist the research. I find several websites on “chemtrails.” Some are plain ridiculous and others deserve a good read. The ridiculous sites claim government and New World Order are spreading disease and chemical agents to reduce the population and obtain massive “mind-control.” That they want to make the people sick so the pharmaceutical companies can make money.

If this is the case, then I’m afraid IT’S NOT WORKING!

1. The population is still growing.

2. Pharmaceutical companies make more money the longer we live. Proof: Look inside an old person’s medicine cabinet!

3. I don’t think the mind-control is being used properly.

That said, I move on to the websites that contained more serious information; in particular those that mentioned “geoengineering.” Apparently, weather intervention already exists. In Texas, they use planes to deliver silver iodide into convective clouds (early thunderstorms) in order to increase cloud size and rain output. It even works too! Studies showed injected clouds produced double the amount of rain. However, this is public information, not some hidden conspiracy.

There are other forms of geoengineering that involve clouds and cloud formation: “Stratospheric sulfate aerosols” and “Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering” (SPICE). Both are proposed methods of alleviating global warming by injecting aerosols or particles into the stratosphere to produce a temperature reduction similar to those following large volcanic eruptions like the one in Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in June 1991. These experiments have not yet begun, however. And these lines have been around at least since I was a child (1980’s). Another method is “cloud-whitening” by the use of simple sea water. This method, involves a mist and not a straight line like the supposed “chemtrails”.  (As methods of global climate control, I find all these ideas “questionable” since I’m a firm believer in not messing with Mother Earth.)

So what were those lines in the sky? Scientists say they were “contrails.” Contrails are condensation trails left by jet engine exhausts. Planes go over the sky all the time. San Juan has an international airport. If they are left by planes, then how come we don’t see these lines everyday? Because contrail formation depends on humidity levels in high altitudes above 8km, where the temperature is below -40*C. The higher the humidity, the longer lasting and thicker the contrail. They can linger for hours after a plane goes by. When humidity is low, contrails don’t form or dissipate almost immediately. Commercial aircraft generally travel at altitudes between 8 -12 km. So those lines, were not created by planes that landed here in PR, but rather, craft that went above us, maybe even at sea.

I think it’s option #3, however, I invite readers to read up on the subject and never leave their questions unanswered.

For more on contrails go to:


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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  1. Tom Dhanens

    CHEMTRAILS: My interest was sparked by my daughter who is a college student. I am 66 years old and skeptical of everything. She is convinced not of any particular theory as to the good or evil intent of chemtrails. But she believes there is such a thing, and chemtrails are different from contrails. I have looked at some of the on-line videos. Interesting but….?

    My question is IF people are convinced planes are releasing some sort of chemicals, they must take off and land somewhere. Are there people/investigators/theorists around the alleged landing fields who have ever tried to get a close-up look at the planes to document that there is or isn’t anything special about the supposed planes that would lend themselves to such a mission? Does anyone know or have a theory where these special planes come from? Is it only from a distance that these mystery planes exist?

    1. mariceljimenez

      These are all very good questions Tom. Although, I don’t think the “chemtrails” Puerto Rico witnessed that day were actual chemtrails, evidence of airplanes spraying chemicals exists. We do use planes to spray pesticides in fields and to spread nasty chemical weapons. That has been documented. However, the covert government operation for testing… who knows? One could believe anything these days, since atrocities of the past have certainly been brought to light before. One of the supposed difference between contrails and chemtrails is the spiral shape of the contrail. It is supposedly done by the turbine of the motor. Of course, most commercial jetplanes have 2 motors (one in each wing) and whenever you see contrails, they usually appear as single lines… hmmmmmm (I smell another blog coming). Further investigation is needed.

      Where do they take off? I would start with military bases and pharmaceutical companies… They seem to benefit most from such research. I do have one big doubt: whenever I see them, they are really far up. Whatever is being sparyed gets blown away by the wind, and appears to linger for quite a while up in the higher regions of the atmosphere. Just food for thought…

  2. mariceljimenez

    Note: It rained plenty, early yesterday morning (date of the trails).

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