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My friend Ricard Carbia rippin it.

Surf Photo Expedition (My first)

I went on my very first surf photo expedition yesterday. Yes! I have a brand new DSLR camera (bought it in November) and I just love it!!!! So I armed myself with the 300mm lens and went to Aviones beach; local metro area beach that usually has some sort of wave, although generally way too crowded.

It was windy and cold (for PR standards) and the waves were choppy. Not a very good surf day, but I was there and my new game of playing photographer is just too much fun to simply leave without a pic. So… 142 pictures later and peeing to the point that I ended up in a bush, I was done with my expedition. Although, frankly I don’t think the pictures were that great I did learn a few things:

1. Find a good spot! It makes all the difference.

2. Get a bigger zoom and a tripod. A must. Some waves are really far out. Unless I’m in the water, it ain’t gonna happen.

3. Don’t be afraid to get wet! Yeap. When the tennis shoes got wet with a wave I took them off and went ahead and stood at the edge of the water. I feared getting the camera wet (I’m really short) so I didn’t go any deeper. Those 2-3 feet of distance, made a pretty big difference.

So I leave you with a selection of what I like most. Feel free to comment and share. The goal is to some day provide you with unforgettable images! Enjoy…


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