A Scene from the “Oh! My God! 4”

Since most of you have no idea, let me start by explaining what are the “Oh! My God! 4.” For those of you who are parents or will soon be, you’ve probably already heard of the “terrible 2’s;” that age when kids learn the word “no” and begin to use it on a regular basis. (It actually starts at 18 months, but who’s counting?) According to the books it’s “just a phase” and well, of course, it IS “just a phase;” one that degenerates into the “peores 3’s” (the even worse 3’s!). After the 3’s come the “Oh! My God! 4.” I coined this term myself and the reason is that is precisely the phrase you will be repeating to yourself over and over again!

Enough said. I now leave you with the scene…

(Location: Inside car on our way to school)

Alonzo (the 4-year-old): “Mami…”

Mom: “¿Qué?” (what)

Alonzo: “Mami…”

Mom: “¿Qué?”

Alonzo: “Mamiii…””

Mom: “¿Quee?”

Alonzo: “Mamiiii…”

Mom: “¿Qué pasó mi amor?” (What happened my love?) Yes, I was still keeping it cool!

Alonzo: “Mamiiii…”

Mom: “Dime.” (Tell me)

Alonzo: “Mamiii…”

Mom: “¿Qué?”

Alonzo: “Mamiiii…”

Mom: “¿Qué?”

Alonzo: “Mamiiii…”

Mom: “Oh! My God!” as she rips the hair out of her head.



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