The Events that Transpired During a Thursday Afternoon

It was a bright and beautiful Thursday afternoon, but for some reason the Rosas children did not want to go outside to play. They were tackling their most recent artistic endeavour: paint.

It was quiet; as usually happens during painting spells. The flow of colored ooze just brings peace into the house. That is of course, if you ignore the mess, and mamma did that gladly. Suddenly someone got bit by the Spiderman bug! Javi gasps in surprise as he realizes what is happening.

The bug bit Alonzo hard. His whole hand was turning red. Before anybody could do anything, his hand and forearm were bright, fire engine red. Keeping the cool, mom casually mentions how it looks like Spiderman’s glove. Right then, the bug jumped up and landed on Javi. It spread faster on him than it had on the little one and before mother could do anything about it, the Rosas boys were both changing color:

And it was oh so much fun!!!


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