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Aren't we all? From a friend's facebook...

A Modern Fairytale…

Once upon a time, in a not so far away land, there lived a beautiful, smart and talented princess. She was a happy lady. Her sole responsibilities were taking care of herself, her home, and her children. In return for her efforts, the men in her life would provide for her everything she could ever need. Needless to say, this princess was quite happy and always looked her best.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the princess, the day she was born, she was cursed by an evil, envious sorceress who’s fortune was not as lucky as the rest. Feminis Mortar (The sorceress) was also smart, beautiful and talented, but sadly the men in her life were not kind to her and bereft of children, she resented not being able to go out into the world and do the things the men did. The poor woman was bored, so she cursed every living female with the curse of SUPERWOMAN. From that day forth, all women born in the land would be overcome by ambition and the desire to do it all. Division of labour was a joke.

Aren't we all?
From a friend's facebook...

Such a curse, might not have been so bad, if it would have been coupled with a similar curse on the men, but alas, the men were not cursed. They were quite comfortable in their provider roles and did not see the need to assume any further responsibilities.

Time went by, and as the princess grew up the curse began to act up. Suddenly she was not happy staying at home and looking after herself and her children. She needed to feel that she was capable of DOING IT ALL.  So she went off and got herself a job. Oh! At first, she was exhilarated, particularly when she got a piece of paper with large numbers on it. The bank account grew…

As the months passed the 9 to 5 routine began to take its toll. The princess was suddenly tired. She would get home late from work to do groceries, cook and then tend to her children who were now getting out of hand and quite needy of attention. Her husband, happy with having money left over for golfing, was not feeling the elevated levels of female stress. In fact, he didn’t really notice, until one day he got home and found a mess in the living room, children sleeping unbathed, and wifey sprawled in the couch dead asleep. He went to bed that night quite grumpy as he hadn’t had sex in over a week. (Oh! The horror!)

The next day, the husband told the wife he was not happy. Of course, our princess was a smart, talented woman, so she used her growing bank account to hire a maid and nanny. She found temporary happiness again… Her ego grew disproportionately. She felt almost like a man, bringing home the money without having the added home responsibilities. It all seemed to flow rather well, until one day, she got home and found a gothic teen ager son with black nails and lips, and a mini-skirt cladded 12-year-old daughter, wearing red-hot lipstick and looking like a bad, kiddy version of Lady Gaga (no offense to her, I actually like her). That night, she asked her husband: “What happened to our children?” To which he casually replied: “Ask the nanny.”

Abhorred, the princess questioned the nanny extensively, but all the nanny could say was: “It’s what they want.” So on it went and the princess now depressed, began to get fat (since she no longer had time to care for herself). Her job became her only source of satisfaction so she stayed longer and longer everyday. On the surface, all appeared ok, however one day, she decided to take a break and headed home early. Thinking she would have a lovely family afternoon, what she found was her husband in bed with her maid/nanny! She was furious and stormed out going straight to the divorce lawyer. Her smarts proved well and she made the best of the nasty situation. Now she was a single mom… In the dark reaces of the kingdom, the evil sorceress laughed really, really loud!

The princess now realized she could indeed DO IT ALL! She had become SUPERWOMAN as she so desperately desired. Everyone told her what a great job she did. Yet, every night, as she lay down to bed, the princess prayed in silence. She prayed for a handsome prince to come rescue her from the curse of superwoman. She wished for a man to come and take over half her responsibilities for she realized that as she COULD do it all, she could NOT DO IT WELL. And so she waited in her superwoman tower for the prince who is yet to come, trying to live happily ever after with her cape and her wonder shoes…



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  1. Disney should make this into a movie!!! Love it 😀
    The Nanny always get the man… but was he worth having???
    Teenagers always dress and act inaccordance to shock parents… LOL and then they grow up and join the fairytale!!!!

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