7 Ideas to Help Fix Puerto Rico (Take 1)

  1. Grant proprietary rights to public housing residents. That way they have the responsibility to create, organize and budget the building and its maintenance. Also, they will have to pay water and electricity. If they would like some Wi-Fi, then they should pay for it like everybody else.
  2. Approve a law that will limit the development of rural and suburban areas until a certain percent (say 70%) of urban areas already developed are inhabited and livable.
  3. Facilitate the process of creating a small business by reducing the number of permits required and speed up the process of obtaining the ones that are truly necessary.
  4. Approve a law that will oblige the construction of sidewalks that are wide enough to fit at least 2 – 3 people walking side by side. All of them should fit at least 2 people and definitely a wheelchair. This law should also oblige the maintenance of such sidewalks so they are always in proper condition and allow for prosecution of constructions where sidewalks are purposefully eliminated.
  5. Create public composting sites where all the organic material from the maintenance of public areas is deposited. Private garden workers or residents may also deposit their composting material at these locations. The finished product will be sold at a discount to local farmers and will be available for purchase to any interested persons. Companies hired for the maintenance of public green areas HAVE to pick up the left over material and deliver it to the composting site.
  6. Impose a limit in the spending of political campaigns. If the CEE (State Election Committee) grants a certain amount of money, then that amount should be the same for every party and no more money may be used for campaigning. Let them get creative!
  7. Redesign the public education system from head to toe. Music, art and sports should be included in the regular curriculum in an obligatory fashion. Students should not be sent home merely because their teacher is absent, and the final bell should not ring at 2pm, but rather at 5pm as they participate in all the non-academic activities. That way, parents can go work without the hassle of who will pick up the kids from school. Because the new system will be so much more effective, the need for homework will be significantly reduced, although not entirely.


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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