I cringe

I cringe, 
thinking of the length of minutes
Seconds turning into light years
Nausea and pink rash
There is no end to the turning of the needle
Round and round and back again
Going nowhere
The heart races with no place to go

So I cringe
Like when nails scrape the chalkboard
Involuntary reaction
Nausea and pink rash
Like when bitter hits the taste buds
Closing eyes and twisted face

I cringe,
Bracing myself for the inevitable
That wall looming ahead
Like kids about to down their medicine

I cringe,
but it is not the remedy I shy from
That is welcomed bliss
I shy from the seconds, minutes, hours, days...
Contained in this one moment
Not knowing...
I cringe.

© Maricel Jiménez 2013

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