I Thank Eve Every Day

Knowlege Acquired
Knowlege Acquired

Recently I acquired a brand new Mac and as I sat there simply admiring the box with its cute little bitten apple, suddenly it dawned on me. How appropriate, the bitten apple! The symbol of knowledge acquired. I don’t know if that’s what was meant when they designed the logo, but it should be… I think. And that’s when the philosophical nerdy personality goes off on her analytical trip. The bitten apple… No it’s not the bar from Shrek, nor what was left of Snow White’s curse; it is Eve’s legacy! She was tempted by knowledge… And thank God for that, or not, since according to the Bible He didn’t really want us to have it. Why put a tree of it there in the first place? Oh! So many questions religions bring! (Ooops! Went a little Yoda there on you, but hey, this IS philosophical after all.) But just think about how our world would be if Eve hadn’t bitten that apple…

There would be no technology, no internet!!!!! Therefore, no facebook, no wordpress, no google, no medline… no present as we know it. In fact, we would be mere Homo erectus, instead of Homo sapiens (sapiens is the latin word for knowledge). Sounds terrible! And so I thank Eve everyday. Thank you Eve, for biting the apple!


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