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93degrees_01She sat in the living room and lifted her hair up above her head, fanning the back of her neck with her free hand. The small breeze collided with the sweat of her skin and provided some comfort, however short-lived. She tied her hair up in a ponytail, but it was fruitless. The hot, sticky air clung to her skin like dried soda, attracting the dirt in the air like moths to a flame. Even the gold in the chain around her neck felt hot. The layer of steamed dirt only made it worse.

Desperate, she left the couch and walked over to the balcony, seeking the movement of some fresh air. One, two, three steps, and then suddenly, her feet felt something wet and moist beneath them. She tried to lift her foot. A series of thick, slimy threads clung to the sole of her foot. What was that? She took another step. The other foot felt the same gooey substance.  Looking around the floor she couldn’t find anything dirty. No gooey stuff. The next step was much harder. The slimy threads became thicker and she felt the floor cling to her foot like in a mud pit, pulling at her. She yanked her leg upwards, pulling it away from the floor. The goo gave way and her leg was free, but as she tried to place her foot on the floor she realized there was none. Stretchy melted pieces of flesh dangled from her calf and stretched all the way behind her to where her foot lay half melted in a puddle of skin and bone. What the… Unable to keep her balance for long, she landed flat on the floor, squishing as she hit the tiles. Fuck! It was pointless to get up, so she let herself liquefy and slept.

Imagine the mess they found!

The End

© Maricel Jiménez 2013


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