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Heart Attack Caused by Bloomberg TV

Last night at around 11pm (rough estimate) I think I had a heart attack. It was a Bloomberg TV video link. I hear the words “Puerto Rico debt… default… reverse prediction” of course I start tuning in. It was a post from that very same day. Oh oh! More crappy news about our economic situation that will make everything worse. Yeah! I thought it was just a bad report, until a hear a very familiar voice.

Oh no! Our current Governor of Puerto Rico Alejandro García Padilla is on American TV. Brace  yourselves people, this promises to be an interesting ride. Note interesting includes from mild amusement to permanent brain damage from a heart attack or violent body spasms reflecting your whole being’s rejection of reality.

The problem is not that he speaks with an accent. Anybody who speaks a second language has an accent. The problem is the man cannot construct a cohesive sentence in the language and refuses to use an interpreter. If you refuse to use an interpreter, then damn it, take some English lessons!

With every stutter, I felt my heart stop. I leaned into the computer struggling to understand him. What did he say? I wonder if his interviewer understands. Did he say “farmine industry”? What is that? (I think he meant pharmaceutical… I think)

I don’t think she understood him, or perhaps she hadn’t done enough research, but even though the constitution does guarantee paying of debts, it only guarantees 10 of those 70. He says they’ll close the government first. How reassuring!

Then the Governor starts to stutter again and it almost sounds like he’s trying to do a Puerto Rico tourism commercial.  Good idea, since according to her “all they have is tourism”.

This morning, the nausea and pain returned as I was reminded by every single post on Facebook. A ranting blog post ensued.

Here’s the video link people. Might as well laugh a bit.


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