Blogging Responsibly (The Chinese Ugly Divorce)

I have to admit I love blogging. It allows for practically anyone to become a “writer”, “reporter”, or “comedian”. But in this day and age of instant information, the reblog button should be taken seriously. People please do some research before you share that story or choose to reblog, re-report, etc. I even see this in actual newspapers. They seem to be in a rush over who publishes the story first and many times they end up publishing a correcting article afterwards because the original report was incomplete or mistaken. People check your sources!

Recently an old news from a year ago began resurfacing. Some Chinese dude had

The alleged family
The alleged family

apparently sued his wife (and won) for being ugly and hiding it. I see this link today on my facebook feed: with the picture on the right. Allegedly that dude sued that girl for having those ugly kids. Actually, according to the original story only the ugly little girl mattered. However, the original story is over a year old. Here’s the link:

It seems the ugly children were the result of mamma’s genes whose appearance had been altered by $100,00o dollars worth of surgery with the following results:

Before and after
Before and after.                                         

I think it’s clear the woman in this picture is not the same woman in the picture above. The before and after may be the same girl. Both of them do have the same hairline. Of course, it could be photoshopped. I’ll let this one up to doubt.

The above family picture, however, apparently was an ad for plastic surgery. At least, that’s what this site says:

Curiously enough, the message is similar. According to the site, the words written on the wall say: “The only thing you have to worry you about after plastic surgery is the explaining you’ll have to do to your children.”

Apparently Mrs. Feng had to explain to her children AND her husband. That’s what happens when you aim for the trophy wife and not the real woman.


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