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pumpkin spiral


Me doy cuenta de que crezcoCrezco como enredadera trepando los postesMe observo de arriba y crezco Crezco,Convirtiéndome en mujerDe la niña retengo la habilidad de soñarCon la mujer adquirí el dolor de la realidadLa Diosa me concede una sonrisaY piernas fuertes para bailar La barba del Viejo brillaPlateada bajo la luz de la lunaMe inunda de sus pensamientosAlimentando los míos Y crezco,Crezco porque no…


I Am (Throwback Thursday poetry from 2001)

I am once again the oceanRestlessly pounding the reef bound shoresCold water floating in the surfaceBoiling undercurrents, waiting… My salty expressions grow biggerWildly, yet gracefullyI fold within myselfCrashing against the rocksTorn by my instabilityI am without causeWondering aimlessly across the horizonSelfishly perhaps, ignoring the rest of the worldI am,But nobody seems to notice © 2001 Maricel Jiménez  All rights reserved.


La Casa Deshabitada

 La casa estaba trepada al tope de una cuesta.  Aunque el anuncio prometía: “muchos cuartos, salas grandes, balcones y un patio gigante,” era enorme; mucho más de lo que me había imaginado.  Consideré alejarme, no fuera a ser que me enamorara y no pudiera pagar la renta, pero ya estaba allí.  No perdía nada con verla.             Subí la cuesta…

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By PoteLeche

Los muros dijeron…

Puerto Rico is going through it's 2nd yearly Street Art Festival "Los Muros Hablan" (The Walls Speak). Here's my pictures. I will let the walls speak for themselves.

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From a lovely book called Fairyopolis. Reproductions of Cicely Mary Barker's illustrations

Book Blog for Kids

I've been thinking of blogging my book. It's a fantasy mid grade novel. However, I'm not sure if it will reach the right audience, since most 8 - 12 year olds aren't freely searching the net and following blogs. What do you guys think? It would be a brand new blog. 1 chapter a week perhaps... FYI:  There are fairies,…



She sat in the living room and lifted her hair up above her head, fanning the back of her neck with her free hand. The small breeze collided with the sweat of her skin and provided some comfort, however short-lived. She tied her hair up in a ponytail, but it was fruitless. The hot, sticky air clung to her skin…

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The Blue Hole, right below our deck.

Villa Tropical @ Shacks, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela beaches are my favorite! The land is filled with natural pools, decent surf waves, and spectacular snorkeling opportunities. And to top it all off, Isabela has that laid back attitude peculiar to the Puerto Rico west and northwest coast. So I'm always looking for a decent spot to stay over there. And that decent spot, that "just right" place with…


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