I was running; running as fast as my short legs could take me. But they burned with exhaustion. My knees buckled and I stumbled over a root on the ground. I cut my hand on a sharp rock and felt the trickle of warm liquid flowing down my fingers. I could hear the hounds…

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Alexa se llevó un adoquín

Eran ya las cinco de la mañana y todavía quedaba gente en la Calle San Sebastián.   Olores de bacalaito, alcapurria y cerveza se mezclaban junto al sereno caribeño perfumando las calles con fiesta. En la distancia se escuchaban unos timbales acompañados de un coro de voces: “Mañana por la mañana…llena tu casa de flores”. “Flores”, pensó Alexa. “Mañana voy a…


The Way of Togetherness

Amy walked out the automatic doors of the baggage claim area, wishing she could somehow wake up and all of it would have been a horrible nightmare, but as she heard the thunder outside and saw the dreadful weather she knew everything that had happened in the last three days was real. There was no more denying it. She clutched…


La Mosquita

La cabrona me sigueSiento el zumbido característico de su presenciaMe sigueMe velaMe rosa la pielSigilosamente busca su espacioEsperaY cuando la olvidose coloca entre las sombrasSin reparo me penetra,me contaminaChupa mi existencia¡Cabrona!Sin percances se elevaretumbando cercanaLa siento La veoAzoto mis cueros para contenerlaDerrama su sangreDerrama la mía¡Cabrona! © Maricel Jiménez 9/19/2014. Derechos reservados.  


Even the Hater Haters Hate

Yes, the title shows I'm in a pissy mood today. Well not really today, just during the past 15 minutes. Why would I start hating at 5:30 pm? Simple. I logged on to Facebook and started reading. Mistake number 1, 2, and 3; although it was probably an even bigger mistake to login during the morning. Maybe it's just monday.…


Depression: It sucks both ways!

Recent events have sparked a renewed interest in the subject of depression and suicide. People are trying to understand what exactly is depression and what drives a person to take their own life. Well, I can tell you one thing: It sucks both ways! Yes, being depressed is perhaps the worst feeling in the world. And sadly, it’s not a…


How to Make a Goonie Map / Pirate Map

Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of the release of The Goonies; that 80's movie about kids discovering a Pirate treasure. Frankly The Goonies is my favorite movie of all time. I used to live it, breathe it, dream it, and try to reenact it. You can bet I tried setting boobie traps in my back yard, had a crush on…



Quiero ser poesía Porque la prosa se vale de muchas reglas Quiero ser el sentimiento que brota metáforas y símiles de tus dedos La paja mental que desahoga tus deseos Quiero ser el pétalo deshojado de tu margarita El cosquilleo que te estremece con la memoria, el olfato... la piel Quiero ser el músculo cansado de tus aventuras La genuina sonrisa de…


Vh1’s Anti-bullying Campaign Epic Fail

Well I just saw this little campaign from VH1 and couldn't help but rant about it. It is the worst anti-bullying campaign I've ever seen in my life and here are the reasons why. It presents bullying scenes in a mocking manner playing on the sick sense of humor humans have that precisely triggers bullying. It stimulates vengeance giving the…


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