Nobody crawls anyway

Recently I read an article about a new book coming out called "Slow Parenting". Slow parenting is about letting kids be and grow at their own pace. It's about not rushing their developmental milestones and forgetting the timeline printed in books. I discovered this on my own with my second child. He was a slow walker, talker, teether, potty trainer,…

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Why are my nipples so offensive?

I don't wear a bra, at least, not regularly. Yes, I do own a few sets of gravity defying, wired, stuffed contraptions, but I don't really like them, unless they belong to a set of pretty lingerie I wear for the sake of private sexiness and not on a regular basis. On a day-to-day, frankly, I'd rather go bare. The…


Economic Slavery

The economy is dwindling, apparently all over the world. Why? Frankly, I find global economy to be one of the most perplexing subjects to discuss. To this day, I don't feel I truly understand it. However, from observing how things seem to be working in this day and age, the conclusion about economy looms over my head like a vulture.…


Putas y Cabronas

Así son todas, toditas. Un chorro de putas y cabronas. Putas porque cualquiera las usa como le da la gana sin observar reglas ni precauciones, y cabronas porque igual te pueden traicionar. ¿Hablo de mujeres? No puñeta, hablo de las palabras. Son putas y cabronas; he dicho. Pero no escribo este blog para criticar las palabras. Las palabras son mi…


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