Ideas for Puerto Rico, Public debt, and its Future (translation)

This whole thing about Puerto Rico’s credit getting degraded is the talk of the week. I’m surprised, and frankly, pissed off at the few ideas both politicians and the media actually have. The keep talking about the “only solution”… Well, I have a few ideas, I think they’re good, and they can be implemented at both short and long-term. Politicians should stop talking crap and start using their brains. That is what they’re paid for anyway.

  1. Legalize marijuana completely. Stop joking around with this. It won’t kill you and it could be a gigantic source of new income that doesn’t come out of your pocket, but out of the already existing underground economy. Moneys spent in court and stupid pot head cases could be saved. Also we can grow hemp for ropes, cloth, oil, and medicine.
  2. Fundraising for Debts. Politicians are experts at conducting fundraisers for their political parties and make a huge buck. Let’s invest that time and energy towards fundraising money to pay the debt and help the people. Local artists can donate their talent and time. Concerts, auctions of local art, etc.
  3. Schools should administer themselves and be by district instead of administered by a central office. That money should go towards teachers, materials, and the schools.
  4. Freeze all government salaries immediately. Mayors can’t keep doubling their salaries and raising payments to their friends at the electric company. Seriously, the county isn’t doing good. Everybody has to give!
  5. Stop giving tax credit.  5a. Make it easy to do business in Puerto Rico. It should be the same for foreign companies as well as locals. Let it be easy and cheap to do business here at the bottom level (meaning less permits and license fees that are really high and slow down the process) so that there are more earnings at the net level. Net earnings are the logical things to tax anyway. Sure there will always be some evasion, whatever, if there are more businesses contributing, there is more. What we need is a lot of small businesses and some bigger all putting their share in the pot.
  6. Extended Home Room. From 10th grade on our students need to start learning and understanding about how the government works, global economy, legislation, bonds, credit, etc. These are things we should all understand. I suggest we use an extended period during Home Room to read and openly discuss 1 current news every morning.  They should be pertinent to local or international current events of importance, government issues, economy, social responsibility, etc.  This kind of dynamic will help enhance knowledge and critical thinking in the future voters of Puerto Rico. That’s something very important in order to avoid putting the same charlatans in power in the future.

That’s it for this round. I will continue to explore and share ideas. I would love to hear other ones. Got any?


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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