Why can’t we remember when we were babies?

I've been wondering about memory development lately. How come nobody remembers earlier than more or less 2 years of age? It's a universal statistic; most of us can't remember before that. Why? Frankly, I did not bother to research much. I wanted to jot down my theories uninfluenced, plus a quick google search did not pop out any scientifically based…


Sea la madre…

Sea la madre de las fucking reglas Las leyes, las presunciones Sea la madre de todo lo que se supone Sea la madre de los representantes y los senadores Que les pagan por soplarse el coño y vestirse de colores Yo no se pa' que escriben leyes Si la mitad de las que están no las imponen Además son to's…


Back to the pen

Let's go back to the paper and the pen The flow of blue The rhythmic metric of free verse Because it is for me And no one else Absolute freedom Unrestricted Uncensored Uncomplicated Just me... And the pen ©2012 Maricel Jiménez Peña. All rights reserved. 08/31/2012


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