Vh1’s Anti-bullying Campaign Epic Fail

Well I just saw this little campaign from VH1 and couldn’t help but rant about it. It is the worst anti-bullying campaign I’ve ever seen in my life and here are the reasons why.

  1. It presents bullying scenes in a mocking manner playing on the sick sense of humor humans have that precisely triggers bullying.
  2. It stimulates vengeance giving the victims of bullying the idea that somehow in the far off future they will be able to serve a very cold plate of vengeance. Come on!
  3. It attempts to stop bullying via more bullying, because the future bosses will bully the present bullies in their future jobs. Oh what great values those are!
  4. It justifies crappy bosses somehow.
  5. It gives more bullying ideas to the bullies.
  6. The reason not to bully is because it’s wrong. It’s wrong to think other people’s suffering is funny. It’s wrong to think you’re cool because you made someone else cry. That message is nowhere in this video.

It’s simply wrong and those creatives could’ve come up with 10 better, more effective campaigns than this. Shame on them! Shame on VH1 for approving it!

Here’s the link to the video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=274739476041089&set=vb.182521798596191&type=2&theater


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