La Mosquita

La cabrona me sigueSiento el zumbido característico de su presenciaMe sigueMe velaMe rosa la pielSigilosamente busca su espacioEsperaY cuando la olvidose coloca entre las sombrasSin reparo me penetra,me contaminaChupa mi existencia¡Cabrona!Sin percances se elevaretumbando cercanaLa siento La veoAzoto mis cueros para contenerlaDerrama su sangreDerrama la mía¡Cabrona! © Maricel Jiménez 9/19/2014. Derechos reservados.  


Even the Hater Haters Hate

Yes, the title shows I'm in a pissy mood today. Well not really today, just during the past 15 minutes. Why would I start hating at 5:30 pm? Simple. I logged on to Facebook and started reading. Mistake number 1, 2, and 3; although it was probably an even bigger mistake to login during the morning. Maybe it's just monday.…


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