I was running; running as fast as my short legs could take me. But they burned with exhaustion. My knees buckled and I stumbled over a root on the ground. I cut my hand on a sharp rock and felt the trickle of warm liquid flowing down my fingers. I could hear the hounds…

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Alexa se llevó un adoquín

Eran ya las cinco de la mañana y todavía quedaba gente en la Calle San Sebastián.   Olores de bacalaito, alcapurria y cerveza se mezclaban junto al sereno caribeño perfumando las calles con fiesta. En la distancia se escuchaban unos timbales acompañados de un coro de voces: “Mañana por la mañana…llena tu casa de flores”. “Flores”, pensó Alexa. “Mañana voy a…


The Way of Togetherness

Amy walked out the automatic doors of the baggage claim area, wishing she could somehow wake up and all of it would have been a horrible nightmare, but as she heard the thunder outside and saw the dreadful weather she knew everything that had happened in the last three days was real. There was no more denying it. She clutched…


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