What’s with all the shit about REAL women?

I’m sick and tired of seeing headlines that read something like: “How real women look”, “This is how a real woman works out,” “Real women have curves,” etc. Well… I get the feeling the people who write these articles have underlying complexes. Because what I see everywhere are real women. Some are skinny, some are fat, some are beautifully well-rounded, and none of them are fake.

You see… I’m skinny. Skinny like 4’10” and weigh a 100 pounds skinny. Does that make me unreal? Fake? Anorexic? Apparently, some people seem to think so. But I think I am absolutely real. I don’t iron out my hair, defying its own nature with heat and chemicals. I don’t cover up my face with paint for the sake of those who look at me or the sake of the mirror, the way many of these apparently REAL women do. I don’t take numbers off my 36 years of age, or subtract lovers from the final count. I am REAL and so are the rest of us.

These articles about what makes a woman real or not are all bullshit. We are all real. We all got our periods during puberty and learned sooner or later the power of hormones. We all suffered some sort of insecurity about our looks or assets and at some point wished ourselves different. Yes, I’m sure, even Heidi Klum has had her share of “I wish this was different” at some moment in her life. We are all real. There’s no need to compete with each other.

And yet… that competition between us is what keeps the make-up companies rich, the push-up bras pushing higher ever so, the skinny jeans getting skinnier, and our self-respect smaller. Watch it all dissolve into REAL when age settles in. Because there are no fake women. No. Not even the ones with fake tits, lips, tummies, and butts. They too are real, even if their physical appearance looks unreal.

So be REAL, woman. Be YOURSELF, and you’ll be the most beautiful woman in the world.



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