La Quilombera – A Rhythm That Speaks All Languages

Supporting a very talented local band…

Puerto Rico Yararí

Welcome to the Quilombo! A Quilombo was a town in Brazil or the Caribbean founded by runaway slaves. It served as a refuge for anyone wishing to escape their current oppressive condition and a place to exchange ideas in the fight for liberation.

That is precisely what La Quilombera is: a musical group that fuses rock and Afro-Latino rhythms creating a refuge for all who seek to escape from boxed ideas and of course, boredom. Because La Quilombera’s musical proposal speaks all languages, makes you want to move your body, and will certainly make everyone have lots of fun.

Photos by Frank Elias Photo by Frank Elias

Composed by Juan Blaze (Voice), Beto Torrens (Voice and Percussion), Joel Martínez (Lead Guitar), Alex Berríos (Rhythm guitar/Chorus), Doel Delgado Rivera (Bass), Juanky Hernández (Drums/Chorus), Bryant Huffman (Percussion/Chorus) y Falú Quilombo (Accordion/piano/chorus), La Quilombera is currently producing its first full-length album “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”. What exactly…

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