The Twitter Machine

I recently became active on twitter. Sure I’ve had a twitter account for a few years now, but frankly I never minded it. It basically linked to the blog and that’s all you ever got from it. Recently however, since I just published Pixie Piper, I’ve reactivated my twittering. I was not expecting the machine to start turning so quickly. In just a matter of days I tripled my twitter followers and this morning I even got into a twitter battle. My very first twitter battle! I suppose it was inevitable.

Anyway, the twitter machine seems to have begun rolling. It has been set in motion. There are favorites and retweets, DM’s (I had no idea what it referred to until today) and followings… sometimes there are unfollowings. The twitter machine lives. I bet it’s a constantly consuming monster. It probably needs regular input in order to keep the ball rolling with momentum. I wonder how long I can keep this up. People seem to tweet at all hours. How do they do this? Don’t they sleep? I woke up this morning wondering how many new followers I had. That can’t be good.

I will detach from the twitter machine. Feed it from a distance. Just in case! Tweet, tweet. Stop tweeting… Write!


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