Things That Inspire

My son lost a tooth yesterday. It had been wiggling for a while and yesterday it finally came loose. The new tooth was already coming out behind it. Now I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the Puerto Rican tooth fairy is actually a mouse. “El Ratón” to be precise.  The little “rajiero” comes at night and takes the tooth from underneath the pillow. Of course my 7-year old son has lots of questions: Why does he come take the tooth? Where does he keep the money? How does the mouse get money in the first place?

These are all very valid questions. And questions inspire the writer.

My mind works quickly. I only need a tiny seed like that to get the motor running. Of course, the original idea doesn’t produce a final book. It produces a concept that can be worked into a very good story with the right amount of work.

There is a sense of euphoria. I get all excited, because, you know what? I like my idea. I think it’s awesome. In seconds, there is a small world. Flashes of images… a character develops. What the heck is that mouse up to? Why in the world would he want to collect children’s teeth? What does he do with the teeth after he gets them?

This could well be an adventure or a horror story. Just think about it a little bit.

Yesterday, my son inspired me!


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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