The Pixie Piper Challenge

Pixie Piper just got her wings and she wants to fly everywhere! Help Pixie fly high and get as far as possible by completing the Pixie Piper Challenge.

What do you have to do? Simple, go to a bookstore; any bookstore, or library and ask for The Adventures of Pixie Piper: A Fairy’s Breath and find out if they have it. They probably won’t, but that’s ok. If enough of you visit the bookstores they’ll be bound to look the book up!

After your visit, post about it on your twitter or Facebook with hashtag #pixiepiperchallenge (@Maricel_Ileana) and the name of the bookstore or library you visited (if you can, tag them!). Winner gets a free, signed copy of the book and a Pixie Piper poster! Special Bonus Prize: Authentic Anime pencil drawing (by my son)!

Winner will be announced via Social Media and direct message.


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