Why I Write – Blog Hopped Edition

JD Estrada

JD Estrada

I was recently bloghopped by an amazing author: JD Estrada. I met JD at the recent Puerto Rico Comic Con 2015 and got myself a signed copy of one amazing ride (Only Human) that I have yet to finish, but promise to tell (without spoilers) when I’m done. For now, I’ll leave you with one thought: Thank God I’m Only Human… though I wouldn’t mind having my cardinal points unblocked. 😉

The subject of this blog hop is Why I Write. And you guessed it; here’s where I tell you all about why I put words down on paper, or on Word, or wordpress, or tumbler, or… you get the picture.

So why do I write? That’s an easy and hard question all at once. Mainly, I write because I love to. There’s something about a pen and a paper that just calls to my fingers. In fact, I loved to write even before I could write. Yup! That’s right! Little four-year-old me used to sit on top of the dugout of my brother’s baseball practice and “write” in a notebook I used to haul around. I say (or print) “write” because frankly it was all gibberish. I didn’t know how to write! I was just pretending to write, although I’m sure there was a story there.

Evidence of the Notebook!

Evidence of the Notebook!

So from this it shouldn’t surprise you that I still love the paper and the pen. Yes, I know it’s twice the work, but I don’t care. The story flows much better on the paper and I actually get to go to the beach and write without stressing over a computer getting sand, or wet, or salt, or just drop it like I so often do with my phone. My notebook is practically indestructible! (Keep away from fire!)

But of course, that answer is way too simple, because there’s a whole lot of kinds of writing and although I don’t really mind any of them, I do have my favorites and those are fiction and poetry. Mind you, I like writing each for different reasons.

Poetry: I start with poetry because I was first a poet than a fiction writer. I could probably publish several poetry books just from my teen years. I was the girl with the Notebook! Always and everyday. Still am… To me poetry is therapy. I wrote and write poems to let go and process my feelings. I love it. It is where I am absolutely manifested freely and unhindered. When I write it, I don’t really expect anyone to read it, so I let all the darkness or joy rain and pour. Same goes for diary keeping. Guilty. 22 notebooks, so far. (NOTE: Blogging is a milder version of journal keeping.)

Fiction: Ah! Fiction… This is where I get my kicks. Reality can be overwhelming and I like to escape it. First I used books. Those amazing blocks of paper are actually magical portals into worlds unknown. No movie ever does them justice! After lots of trips, I started wanting to create some of my own. I began with short stories about ghosts (I promise I’ll search the old notebooks and publish some once I find them… There was a succubus in there!) I do love my spooks! Then when I became a mom I dived into the world of Middle Grade fantasy and YA… hence Pixie was born.

BTW, there is a book before Pixie, but that one still lies in 4 different notepads that have yet to be transcribed :s


One of them is Hermione Granger’s, but of course, we all know which is the mightier wand!

So there you have it. I write because I love it and it helps me both vent and escape reality. 😀 Here’s a pic of my magic wands! Which one do you think is more powerful? 😉

And now for the best part: The hopping part. Where I hop the blog forward to other writers so they can share their thoughts on why they write.

Hopped Authors:

Sharon Lopez

Sharon Lopez

Sharon Lopez – Sharon is a fiction author (as she states in her blog) from New Hampshire . Her writing spans several different genres. I’ll use her words because she says it best: “In my books dreams are found, love is discovered, adventure is had, and betrayals happen.” Kinda sounds like life, doesn’t it? Click to link to read more about Sharon.

Jonathan Marcantoni

Jonathan Marcantoni

Jonathan Marcantoni – Jonathan is an amazing bilingual writer with a passion to be envied. His words are powerful and strong and I often wonder how he finds the time to write so much with so much going on: A professor, author, co-owner of a publishing company, and father of 3, among many other things like the Youniversity Project. Really, you should check him out!


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