A Tip of the Hat to Surrogacy

Today begins a new stage in life for a special couple I hold dear to my heart. One of them is a friend from grade school (enough said). And today they became daddies thanks to surrogacy. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing their process through Facebook and well, what can I say, I’m impressed!

I think surrogacy is admirable. Pregnancy is not easy. Birth is not easy. Going through the whole nine month process for a baby that is not yours is the most selfless act a woman can do (save for putting her own baby up for adoption). And this particular woman did it with two babies! Yes! Twins!

Really, I am in awe of this woman. A twin pregnancy for somebody else! It’s amazing! Not to mention the physical risks she put herself through. Twins automatically complicate a pregnancy and usually ends in the OR with a C-section and I can tell you from experience, those hurt! Yeah! Natural birth hurts, but then it’s over and you keep going. The C-section hurts for weeks! Your stomach gets numb and the spinal anesthesia gives you horrible back pains! For months I could feel the spot where they injected it; a sharp piercing jab in between two vertebrae. It really takes about 3 months+ to heal well.

The majority of women go through this process rather by default because they want to be mothers. You want to be a mom so you go through the pregnancy, Dr.’s appointments, vitamins, stretch marks, etc. because it’s what needs to happen to get your baby. But in this case, this woman chooses to do this for a baby that is not her blood and she will not keep. People this is a big sacrifice; a humongous sacrifice. I tip my hat off to this woman. Because of her, two people are parents of two beautiful babies. She is a modern version of Atabeira. Bless her and all honest surrogates out there.


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