The Tortoise and the Hare (A retelling in rhyme by: Maricel Jiménez Peña)

Illustration from Internet.
Illustration from Internet.

There once was a Tortoise and a Hare

The Hare hopped so fast

He got quickly everywhere


“You’re such a slow-poke silly Tortoise,”

teased the hopping Hare.

Why don’t you speed it up a bit?

I’m rushing. Don’t you care?


“You always rush to places Hare,

Hopping on and on

But I bet I could win a race with you,

This slow-poke wants some fun.”


“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” laughed the Hare.

“You are funny indeed.

We’ll let the Fox set us a course

And judge who wins the deed.”


And off they went

The Hare went first

Hopping as fast as ever.


The Tortoise followed far behind

Slow and steady

Slow and steady

As slow and steady as ever.


The Hare soon lost the Tortoise’s track

And figured the race won

So down he lay to take a rest

For so much hopping tired his legs.


And as he dozed

The Tortoise passed him

Slow and steady

Slow and steady,

Until the Hare was far behind him.


The Hare woke just in time to find

The Tortoise crossing the finish line

And when the Fox asked what had happened,

The Hare admitted:

“Sometimes it’s not about who goes fastest,

But about who never falters.”


-The End-

Copyright © 2005 Maricel Jimenez. All rights reserved.


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