2014-07-01 – Because I feel

Because I feel…

And sometimes the feelings get

A little intense

Sometimes they overwhelm me

Shadowing the light

Darkness engulfing…

Don’t stand in brightness

Don’t say they are not real

You are not here

You’re not inside

My head explodes

But what do you know?

You see me…

Do you see me?


I don’t feel so



Yes baggage

It dangles from my buttocks

Urgently reaching gravity’s end

Full of past and present

Scars and secrets

But you’d rather not see

Why would anyone want to see?



But it’s simpler to remain aloof

Bliss mixes with denial

Like whiskey and coconut water

Sweet and tasty…

Don’t need to know anymore


‘Cause all that dirt is just nasty

Girls aren’t supposed to smell

You must’ve imagined it

There’s just no way


Guess I should go back to

Pretending it never happened

Pour myself that whiskey

And mix it with the coconut water

So I won’t feel intensely

Or at least… not until tomorrow


Copyrights © 2014 Maricel Jiménez Peña


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