Why Being Pro-Choice Means Being Pro-Life

Well today I read an article about abortion rights. It seems that it’s still a rather controversial issue and so I’ve decided to speak my mind about it. The argument against abortion is always about the lives of the children and the argument for it is about the lives of the mothers. But the truth is that the argument can never be one-sided. Children, pregnancy, and motherhood never happen alone. It is never one-sided. Ending a blossoming life will never be an easy choice or a pretty one. That’s not the argument. In fact, abortion can be in favor of the child too. Now I’m not condoning using abortion as a means for birth control. I’ve heard women say things like: “I’ll just have an abortion” and I think: “Sure, I’d like to see you when it’s time to make that decision.” Getting rid of the baby in your womb is never and easy decision. Imagine how desperate one has to feel to do that…

So I’m pro-choice. When I was 23 I got pregnant with my first son. No, it was not planned. The minute I saw the double line on the test thingy I had a choice: To abort or become a mother. We all have that choice and thank God! Obviously, I chose to have my son, but I cannot possibly imagine the kind of mom I would be if I had not had that choice. Having chosen to keep my son and raise him and love him made me a better mom. If I had been forced by lack of options I would probably be a bad mother. I can imagine I would feel resentment because I had no choice. I probably wouldn’t have a second son either, since it was the experience of love with my first child that led to desire for my second son.

Being a mother is not easy, and therefore it should not be imposed on anyone. Unwanted, unloved children are more likely to be abused, mistreated, and grow up to be unhappy people. Is that how we protect these children? Maybe the best way to protect a child is to ensure whomever has them, wants them. Did you ever think of that?

People argue about adoption. It’s funny. It’s harder to adopt a child than it is to have one. I admire all those women who chose to give their babies to somebody else because they knew their children would be better off, but how many of those actually find a decent home? Pro-life argues some women regret having abortions. Well, I can tell you, some women regret having their children, and you can bet the kids pay for it one way or another.  How many end up abandoned? So what are we doing? Why are we meddling in the very personal decisions of women? It’s nobody’s business but hers (and the father of course, but in the end it’s always the woman’s choice. It’s her body, her pregnancy, and her risks).

The worst part of the issue is that the people who are against abortion are also against sexual education, birth control and anything that will help a woman avoid an unwanted pregnancy that would result in an abortion. It makes no sense. The truth is abortion should be minimal; the last resort, but it needs to be an option. It needs to be available. There is nothing worse we could do to a child than condemn him or her to a life with a mother or father who doesn’t want them. Leave religion out of it for a moment and think in terms of society. It’s better for everyone when a woman has a choice.


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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