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10 Little Known Facts About Pixie Piper

There are plenty of things revealed about Pixie (the regular girl turned fairy) in her first book: The Adventures of Pixie Piper: A Fairy’s Breath, but there are also rarely known bits of info that are not necessarily directly expressed in the book. In this article I will share some of the little known facts about Pixie and the world of the fairies that only the author can know 😉 .

  1. Pixie loves marbles and actually has quite a large collection. There was a scene in the book where she stops in the middle of a castle just to get a marble. That scene was later edited out.
  2. Pixie is Puerto Rican. Yes she is! I will probably never actually write it in the stories, but if you pay attention you can tell she lives in a tropical island (notice the trees and flowers). That island is Puerto Rico (hint: Coquíes, are native Puerto Rican singing tree frogs).
  3. Pixie is a bit of a tomboy. Surprisingly, a little girl noticed right away and asked me during a reading: “Pixie isn’t very girly, is she?” Kudos for noticing!
  4. Dalu’s original suit was green. The color was edited to better agree with the cover. There was too much green on the original image. To compensate, the suit now magically changes color.
  5. Not every fairy works as a Godfairy.
  6. Dalu is going deaf. He hates to admit it, and won’t, but it’s true.
  7. Part of the gold collected from the rainbow highway is traded for human coins and sent to the Tooth Fairy Delivery Corporation.
  8. The One-Eyed Decapus that almost kills Pixie doesn’t actually die.
  9. The Seelie Court Medal of Honor is only awarded when merited. Prior to Meni’s award, no one had received the honor in 30 years.
  10. Pixie always dreamed of having a treehouse, so in a way, she gets two wishes come true during the story: her adventure, and living in the Royal Tree.


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