The Thirsty Coochie ©2016 Maricel Jiménez

So I work in advertising, and every once in a while we get jobs about subjects that aren’t always the most fun. But of course, I like to make it fun, so this poem was inspired by an account we’ve been working on. It’s a treatment for menopause symptoms and well… What can I say, I was inspired.


There comes a time

After hormones subside

That the coochie starts feeling

Like burning inside


Her once supple skin

Starts to dry just a bit

And the poor veteran coochie

Starts feeling like shit


She feels itch

She feels swollen

Sometimes she feels

Like her insides are broken


And so she goes

In search of jelly

Trying to appease the thirst

That drowns her cherry


But no matter how much coochie drinks

The girl just can’t find relief

Poor thirsty coochie

Might need a shrink


Or perhaps a visit to the doctor

Will do the trick.




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