The Mother Bird

An old post that will always hold relevance. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Unsuccessful Attempts at Brain Silence

I have a new roommate. She has no name; for I haven’t named her, but she is a mother.  From what I see, she is a single other, like me.  But then again, I could be wrong. I haven’t asked, and I don’t think she will tell.

Playeras in my balcony.

You see, my new roommate is a puertorican tortola. (Tortola cardosantera, Zenaida aurita.) A type of bird. She has fashioned her nest in my “playeras.” Playeras are beautiful tropical flowers.  I have a few growing in a flower box in my balcony.

I noticed the nest a few weeks ago when I saw two eggs amongst the flattened flowers. Then she began to spend longer and longer in the nest until it seemed they must have hatched, but she covered the eggs completely and I couldn’t tell.  Then one day I noticed a tiny beak looking thing from beneath…

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