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A Democratic Fiscal Control Board for Puerto Rico

Dear Mr. President:

As you’ve signed PROMESA, I propose a more democratic fiscal control board. I won’t beat around the bush and will go straight to it. (BTW, I write this in English so nothing gets lost in translation.) Puerto Rico isn’t very happy about this law. I think a lot of people understand there is need for spending control, but as a COLONY, we do not appreciate such a thing being imposed without any form of control or say from our part. So, in order to have a fiscal control board that is more democratic in its process, I propose the following:

Puerto Rico will accept a fiscal control board under the following conditions:

  1. Congress will elect members from a pre-approved list provided by the government of Puerto Rico.
  2. The list of candidates will be created as follows:
    1. PR legislature will establish a committee that will determine the specific requirements that each member must have. (I believe at least 1 economist, 1 international law debt specialist, someone with track record in city planning, etc.)
    2. Requirements will be based on merits and track record.
    3. No candidate may have previous political affiliations.
    4. No candidate may have held a government position in the past. (At least in Puerto Rico).
  3. Once requirements are established anyone can nominate a candidate, but said committee must approve the candidate according to the requirements.
  4. The approved list of candidates is sent to Congress. Congress chooses the committee from this list.
  5. Congress may appoint 1 member from their own ranks or outside the list, but… Members of the committee MUST reside in Puerto Rico while they serve on the committee (I believe this is essential. When the decisions you make affect you personally, everything is different; perspectives change.)
  6. President approves.
  7. We have a democratic fiscal control board.


I get really depressed when people tell me: THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. I hate that! There is ALWAYS another option and if we just invest a little thought process into it, it can be achieved. I have plenty more where this one came from, so just ask.




I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?

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