Why Standing Rock Matters Way More Than Anybody Thinks

Photo from: Think Progress

Today I read an article about the North Dakota Pipeline and Standing Rock that pleaded to everyone for help. I’ve been thinking about Standing Rock for some time now and well, her plea reached me and I will do what I do best, write about stuff.


I think Standing Rock is way more than an environmental issue. I think people need to look at what is happening whilst remembering a very important detail: The United States of America stole the land from the Native Americans. I repeat, they stole it. There is no denying this. STOLEN.

And now it seems they’re doing it again. They’re imposing something on their sacred lands and their water source. Something that they are all adamantly against. And the government of North Dakota is using force to do this.

Is this not a colonial conquest? Using force to impose something on the original inhabitants of North America? Looks like conquest to me.

So, regardless of the water and the environment and whether this “affects us all”, this matter is important, simply because it is supremely unfair. It is Corporate America forcing itself on the people. North Dakota forcing itself on its residents. The United States of America cannot continue to have a colonialist attitude towards the Native Americans. It needs to stop having a colonialist attitude period. #NoDAPL

Here’s the article I mention. Good read! Remember This When You Talk About Standing Rock



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