Yadier Molina Speaks to Adam Jones (Translated to English)

So apparently, after yesterday’s WBC game, Adam Jones made some comments about what motivated the US team to win. It almost seems like it was envy, or what we in PR call “estar moldío” because we had a big celebration planned for our team. Today, when our team arrived in Puerto Rico, Yadier Molina reacted to Adam’s comments (original video in Spanish). I’ve translated it so that Mr. Adams and the rest of the USA team may understand.

Transcript, Yadier Molina and interviewer:

Female Interviewer: “Yadi, we know there were some comments by Adam Jones. Adam Jones is your friend and mine. Since you know him, do you think that maybe they misinterpreted the fact that Puerto Rico had a parade and a plane?”

Yadier Molina: “Definitely. Obviously, Adam Jones is playing his role of team captain over there and talking things that he doesn’t know about. Honestly, he needs to instruct himself better because he shouldn’t have made those comments public like that and make fun of our ways the way he did. He needs to apologize to our people because, I don’t care, obviously we all wanted to win, but he didn’t know what this meant; being there, getting to that place, because our country… That’s why I’m sending him this message, telling him: Look at this! Right now you’re at spring training working and we’re here with our people, with our silver medal and you have a gold medal and you’re working and we’re here with our silver medal celebrating with the people of Puerto Rico. You don’t know what it’s like to celebrate like that.”

So anyway, we had our parade, welcomed our team with lots of noise and are feeling ridiculously proud of 2nd place. Here’s a video of the team’s arrival.


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