7 Puerto Rican Authors Writing in English


When you think of a Puerto Rican author, you probably think they write in Spanish. Sure, there are plenty of boricua authors established in the US who publish in English, but those publishing their work in Puerto Rico tend to write in Spanish. That said, there are exceptions. And they are good ones. Currently, we have some local indie authors trying out their words in English and it makes Puerto Rican literature so much richer with variety. And guess what? They’re all available at Libros787, a new digital store specializing in Puerto Rican books! So without further ado, here are 7 Puerto Rican authors writing in English.

  1. JD Estrada: Author of The Human Cycle Series, many poetry books (in English and Spanish) and short stories for kids, Jorge has been working non-stop since publishing his first book Being Human (Book 1 of The Human Cycle) in 2013. I’ve had the pleasure of reading both book 1 and book 2: Shadow of a Human and I can tell you they are beyond awesome. Especially, if you like vampires and supernatural beings born of myth.
  2. Francisco Muñiz: Francisco is the author of Keithan Quintero and the Sky Phantoms.  Set in Ramey base in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Sky Phantoms is a YA futuristic, sci-fi adventure sure to please anyone who’s ever had a fascination with tech stuff, races, or planes.
  3. PJ Vázquez (aka: PJ Sin Suela): Doctor turned rapper PJ Sin Suela just happens to be the son of an author and is also writing in English. His book, Smart is the New Cool is a story to show kids that “being yourself can lead to greatness”.
  4. Orlandito González: Orlandito just released his first book The Life of Noah, a YA story about the quest to solve the riddle contained in a secret letter left behind by his estranged father.
  5. Suilyanis Cintrón: The author of Crying, The Nightingale, a YA romance based in 1950’s Los Angeles.
  6. Maribel T. de Suárez: Author of Two Tales of the Sea, two stories aimed at small children and inspired by creatures from the ocean.
  7. Maricel Jiménez Peña: (Me) Author of middle grade fantasy adventure series The Adventures of Pixie Piper. Book 1: A Fairy’s Breath was published in 2015 and it’s the story of a regular girl who discovers she’s a fairy after getting a visit from her fairy godfather. Book 2: The Trove of the Water Dragon continues the fairy adventures with a healthy dose of big mistakes that must be fixed and the solution unfortunately involves a water dragon.

So there you have it. 7 Puerto Rican authors writing in English that are sure to please your bookworm heart. ¡Happy reading to all!


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