Pixie Piper 3 is on its way!

Yesterday I finished the first draft of The Adventures of Pixie Piper 3: Dark Wish. I’m feeling pretty good! The writing flowed well with this one. I’d done an outline and followed it. Nothing too detailed, but with the most important events already included. I must admit, it helped a lot. Of course, I did do the write a scene and then decide not to use it thing, but for the most part, the manuscript evolved without major surgery.

Of course, it is the first draft. We’ll see how the editing goes. That’s usually much harder. But… you know what this means, right? It means you’ll get to read Pixie Piper 3 in 2019!!!! If you have no idea who Pixie Piper is, then you can check out the books here.

Happy reading and writing to all!

2 thoughts on “Pixie Piper 3 is on its way!


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