Time is All We Have

So I wrote a poem about time that I haven’t published because I didn’t really like it and I realized that I needed to develop the whole time subject better. It seems to me that time is the only actual real thing that exists. And the curious thing about it, is that time comes more or less in equal form to all of us. You see, everyone is born with a similar life expectancy (meaning expected years to live), unless they have some sort of congenital disease, but for the sake of argument let’s leave chronic illness aside. Life expectancy also varies according to where you live and I presume life conditions. Here’s a chart with life expectancy by country.

You can quickly see 2 things. Undeveloped countries have shorter life expectancies and all women have higher life expectancies, but if you average everything out (in a developed country) you can expect to live about 80 years. So basically, we got 80 years on this planet and this body. This means I am literally in the middle of my life. Middle aged! Uy! That sounds a little harsh, but it is the truth. Regardless of how much money I end up making in my life, we still can’t prolong life too much beyond that number. Sure! Some exceptions happen and according to records the oldest human that ever lived, lived to 122, so that’s another 40 years! Which would put me on ⅓ of my life. Hmmmm… interesting. But I’m digressing. The thing is, all we have is that time. If we narrow it down to days, we all have the exact same 24 hours. Whether rich or poor, male or female, young or old, all we have is 24 hours of a day. And once time goes by, it cannot be recuperated.

This is supremely important because we really do WASTE a LOT of time. Especially these days with social media and all the entertainment out there that makes us sit and do absolutely nothing but watch other people live their lives or fake people live their invented lives and what are you living? Are you living? Are you making the most of your time? It will end, you know. Eventually, we all run out of time.

So when someone gives you their time, they are giving you their most valuable asset; the only currency every single human has more or less the same of. It reminds me of that movie with Justin Timberlake where everything was paid with time and rich people lived forever. What was it called? Oh, right: In Time. Makes sense. Anyway, same thing goes for when we give someone our time. It is our most valuable asset.

So we should ve very respectful and appreciative of the time we get to spend doing things, sharing with people or whatever. We should also learn to value the time we invest working, since that is our main investment. And we should most definitely never waste it. Not a single moment. Because life is just a collection of moments, mashed into 24 hours of a day, mashed into an average lifetime. Make it count!


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