Diving Headfirst Into UX Writing

I’m in a constant journey of growth and self-improvement. Aren’t we all, right? In this quest, I recently came across the term UX Writing. Ever so curious, I was piqued. What is UX Writing? Can I do it? I’m a writer after all, it seems right up my skill tree and something that should be included in that list of personal improvements. So, of course I started my research, came across some free courses and went right to it. (I’m probably going to end up doing a paid course, but later…)

It turns out I’m not that far from UX Writing at all. As a copywriter in advertising, I’ve composed my share of website copy, landing pages, lead forms, and even an occasional simple app. My approach… well, I just learned I’ve been tackling this from a design UX stand point from the very beginning of my writing. You see I always approach copy as a problem solving tool. Every single project needs to start with LOTS OF RESEARCH. Of course! How can you write something if you know nothing about it? Simple, you can’t. You need to KNOW what you’re writing about. But you also need to know WHO you’re writing it for. It’s similar to writing for kids. The age group will define your language. From what I’ve learned so far, in UX, your user (along with your brand voice and purpose) will define your language. Who knew that switching between “Book Now” (the anxious ever-desired copy of most clients- see how that was client-based vs. user experienced-based?) to “Check Availability” (casual and uncompromising does not create stress for the user) could actually increase engagement 17%? Nobody did, but UX writers and researchers found out and we’ve all seen that copy change. It really is less stressful to check availability vs. having to book now.

The power of words, right? And these are just two words. It makes you realize how important language continues to be. In fact, perhaps even more so than before, because if you only get two words to get your message across, it better be the best two words. Maybe we should think a little more in terms of UX during our regular in-person interactions. Imagine what the right copy can do then!


I like putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper. Why not share them with the rest of the world?