Read more about the article Durante el Huracán María… Puerto Rico
The doppler image of the eye entering the island. 7/20/2017 5:30am

Durante el Huracán María… Puerto Rico

Septiembre 19, 2017. 8:46pm: Se apagan las luces. Ajá. Ya se fue– digo en voz alta. No sé por qué lo anuncio. Todo el mundo sabía que se iba a ir la luz. Era cuestión de cuándo. Pero coño, ni siquiera ha empezado a soplar. Me quejo, pero no vale la pena. No es como que se puede evitar. Esta…


Pixie Piper 2: My Review

The Trove of the Water Dragon by Maricel Jiménez Peña My rating: 5 of 5 stars I had been holding off on writing a review for this book because, for a while I felt that it wasn't as good as book 1. I now realize (after a good re-read) that it's actually pretty awesome. It's made me excited to continue…

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Pixie Piper Reviews

The Pixie Piper book series has been out now for almost 3 years and it's gathered some really nice reviews. I decided to start the year sharing some of these since I haven't blogged in ages and I need to get my blogging rhythm back on track.   Book 1: A Fairy's Breath has a total of 15 reviews on…


Después de Irma (Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico got really lucky with Irma, but that doesn't mean shit didn't go down. Here are pics of the next day in San Juan where the effects were not as strong as on the eastern side of the Island. There are lots of trees on the ground and electrical posts broken. There is no electricity, but there is water,…

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Read more about the article Pixie Piper at the Puerto Rico ComicCon 2017
Daedalus Shortglow, Chief Executive Wish Officer

Pixie Piper at the Puerto Rico ComicCon 2017

For the 3rd year in a row I've had a booth at the Puerto Rico ComicCon. Let me just start by saying that I love it! The ComicCon is a very happy place. It's not only a great place for me to showcase my books, but also a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and spread my writing wings. This…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and fairy godmothers who work hard everyday to make wishes come true for children. Yes, mothers are the very first fairy godmothers. They grant wishes on a daily basis. So today, go grant a wish for your mom! We'll throw in a little extra fairy dust. -Daedalus Shortglow, Chief Executive Wish Officer



GARGAJO Con un carraspeo de coraje e indignación Soltó aquel magnífico agente purificador Claro y transparente como el agua Sirvió para desempañetar los cristales de la división Ahora está más limpia Podemos ver por donde traza la costura Y como una chispa en la yerba sureña durante el verano Enciende el fuego de las diferencias Se dejan ver claras las…


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