To be visible Free of my wrappings Shed the thick hardened skin Naked soul Exposed Soft spots oozing Everything Melting in arms willing Revealing the unseen Dropping the armor Letting the cuts bleed The energies bubble Showing what I can’t see... I’m ready! © 2019 Maricel Jiménez Peña

I Am

I am once again the ocean Restlessly pounding the reef bound shores Cold water floating in the surface Boiling undercurrents, waiting… My salty expressions grow bigger Wildly, yet gracefully I fold within myself Crashing against the rocks Torn by my instability I am without cause Wondering aimlessly across the horizon Selfishly perhaps, ignoring the rest … Continue reading I Am


I suppose it means I’m healing if I can dream again My heart seems resilient But I wonder just how much Rubber bands stretch Silks tear Bones break Hearts shatter Feelings fade Everything is temporary. Copyright © 2015 Maricel Jiménez Peña


Perhaps the signs are pointing in the opposite direction Perhaps I shouldn’t be here Perhaps I shouldn’t have come Seems like uneven territory Quicksand, boulders, and landmines A breeze that panics and changes direction A wobbling path to a storm And here I am, right in the middle. Copyrights @ 2018 Maricel Jiménez Peña

Lessons & Goodbyes

Trying to find the lessons in you Not sure what they are I don’t think it’s about plots or storylines It’s not about do’s and dont's Perhaps your poem had a purpose Beyond words and feelings Perhaps you came to ease goodbyes Copyrights © 2018 Maricel Jiménez Peña