Molten Earth

He was in a place of darkness Where hate and resistance brew into a poisonous glance He was there Staring at the past and resisting... The present, the future, what he is He turned his heart into a live volcano Burning until there was nothing but a sulfurous stink and the charred remains of a … Continue reading Molten Earth

Resistance is Futile

I've been thinking a lot about resistance lately. What exactly is resistance? Well, in an electrical circuit (yeah, I'm going nerdy, but bear with me), resistance is a material that slows down the flow of the current. Obviously, that's what resistance is in everything: Something that stops the flow. And what happens when there is … Continue reading Resistance is Futile


I adore this melody The swish and sway of your movement The calming sense of purpose Perseverance To return always Back and forth Gathering momentum As you approach the finish line I wonder where you’ve been And I imagine it should be everywhere For only gravity retains you And not even in all forms Giver … Continue reading Ocean

Things I Wrote After the Storm – Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico

So recently I posted stuff I wrote during the storm. This post I wrote AFTER. The stories are true and despite the stress in my writing, everything turned out fine. October 12, 2017: Don't get sick. Whatever you do, don't let yourself get sick. It's not a good time to get sick now. Hospitals have … Continue reading Things I Wrote After the Storm – Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico