Ideas pro Puerto Rico, deuda y Futuro

Esto de la degradación del crédito de Puerto Rico está caliente. Me sorprende y francamente me encojona las pocas ideas que tienen los medios y los políticos. Pues yo tengo muchas y son buenas y se pueden implementar a corto y largo plazo. Aquí van. Dejen de hablar mierda y pongan a usar su cerebro que por algo les pagan.…


Economic Slavery

The economy is dwindling, apparently all over the world. Why? Frankly, I find global economy to be one of the most perplexing subjects to discuss. To this day, I don't feel I truly understand it. However, from observing how things seem to be working in this day and age, the conclusion about economy looms over my head like a vulture.…

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Old San Juan Casino and PR flag.

Heart Attack Caused by Bloomberg TV

Last night at around 11pm (rough estimate) I think I had a heart attack. It was a Bloomberg TV video link. I hear the words "Puerto Rico debt... default... reverse prediction" of course I start tuning in. It was a post from that very same day. Oh oh! More crappy news about our economic situation that will make everything worse.…


7 Ideas to Help Fix Puerto Rico (Take 1)

Grant proprietary rights to public housing residents. That way they have the responsibility to create, organize and budget the building and its maintenance. Also, they will have to pay water and electricity. If they would like some Wi-Fi, then they should pay for it like everybody else. Approve a law that will limit the development of rural and suburban areas…


7 Ideas para arreglar a Puerto Rico (Take 1)

1. Otorgar título de propiedad a los residentes de residenciales públicos. De esta manera tienen la responsabilidad de establecer su junta de condómines, dar mantenimiento y pagar agua y luz. Si quieren wi-fi, que lo paguen igual que todos los demás. 2. Aprobar ley que limite la construcción en áreas rurales y suburbanas hasta que cierto porcentaje (digamos un 70%)…


Puerto Rico and The Internet Limbo of a Colony

"Sorry, this video only available in the United States," says the Cartoon Network website. Grrrrrrr... mommy growls as she in unable to show a Ninjago video to her 4 year-old because she is "not in the United States." Well I would like to know where exactly am I? I live in Puerto Rico, the quagmire of colonies. Yes, if you…


Digesting SOPA… and the Red Flags

I would like to start by saying that reading law has got to be one of the most boring experiences of my lifetime. I equate it to trying to swallow a dozen rice cakes without water. Equally bland, tasteless, repetitive and unpleasant. After chewing it down, we have to digest it. SOPA... it's not a big ass soup, it's the…


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