“Antes que cante el gallo” -cine opinión

Ayer tuve la oportunidad de sacar un rato para disfrutar el cine local. Ya hace unas semanas están hablando sobre la película "Antes que cante el gallo" escrita por Kisha Tikina Burgos y dirigida por Arí Maniel Cruz. Seguramente ya han leído montones de reseñas y esta sea otra más, pero aquí va. Empezaré por recalcar que entiendo que las…


Sunday Morning Gift

As some of you might know, I'm very fond of nature. In particular, I really like mushrooms. I think they look like tiny fairy umbrellas. This morning, nature blessed me with these that I share now with you.(All pics by me.) May you all have a Splendid Sunday!


Closing 2013

Dear Readers: It's been an intense year, both good and bad. All the electronics managed to break down or suffer "unexpected" accidents, however, the writing is flourishing, the kids are happy, and the family garden blooms. I am happy... I expect great things in 2014 for all! That said I'm starting off the New Year with a brand new blog.…

Read more about the article The Ruins @ Wilderness, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (aka: Las Ruinas, Wildo)
Original Lighthouse, Picture by Feliciano Alonso c. 1895

The Ruins @ Wilderness, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (aka: Las Ruinas, Wildo)

Two walls and a foundation are the only thing left of the original Aguadilla Lighthouse. Designed by Enrique Gadea and built by Pedro Tolosa on the northwest corner of Puerto Rico known as Punta Borinquen, the lighthouse inaugurated on September 15th 1889. It was located near the territory of what later became Borinquen Field, a major US military facility, later…

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¡Buenas Noticias!

A mí me encantan las buenas noticias. ¿A ti no? ¿No te dan unas cosquillitas que llevan una sonrisa a tu rostro y te hacen sentir bien? Digo, por algo son buenas, ¿no? Entonces, ¿por qué no se ven más? En Puerto Rico la prensa se dedica a reportar las malas noticias. La primera plana, por lo general incluye las…

Read more about the article Paseo Piñones, Scenic Bike Route @ Loíza, Puerto Rico
This is the path that veers away from road 187.

Paseo Piñones, Scenic Bike Route @ Loíza, Puerto Rico

Piñones is a small treasure of possibilities. From natural seawater pools, surfing spots, chinchorros with traditional fried foods like alcapurrias and bacalaítos, to fishing, fruit frappes and a pretty cool and ecologically diverse bike route. All this, only minutes from San Juan. From The Baldorioty de Castro Expressway or from Ave. Isla Verde, take road 187 to Piñones. The path…


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