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100% Clean mechanical energy.


Jay Fonseca lo dijo los otros días en su Facebook: "el problema es que somos egoístas". Creo que tenía razón. Realmente no hay más ninguna explicación para explicar por qué los puertorriqueños seguimos todos rompiendo las reglas. Es egoísmo; egoísmo e inmadurez. La mayoría de las reglas y leyes están hechas para nuestro bienestar. Si, si, sabemos que hay algunas…

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Old San Juan Casino and PR flag.

Heart Attack Caused by Bloomberg TV

Last night at around 11pm (rough estimate) I think I had a heart attack. It was a Bloomberg TV video link. I hear the words "Puerto Rico debt... default... reverse prediction" of course I start tuning in. It was a post from that very same day. Oh oh! More crappy news about our economic situation that will make everything worse.…


La Macacoa

"Te cayó la macacoa."  My mother used to say that. Cool word if you ask me. It almost sounds like some sort of strange bird or something. Not quite. La Macacoa, in Puerto Rico at least, is a devlish little creature that lands on your shoulder and weighs you down.   She makes people "under the weather" as they say,…

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By PoteLeche

Los muros dijeron…

Puerto Rico is going through it's 2nd yearly Street Art Festival "Los Muros Hablan" (The Walls Speak). Here's my pictures. I will let the walls speak for themselves.

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The Blue Hole, right below our deck.

Villa Tropical @ Shacks, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Isabela beaches are my favorite! The land is filled with natural pools, decent surf waves, and spectacular snorkeling opportunities. And to top it all off, Isabela has that laid back attitude peculiar to the Puerto Rico west and northwest coast. So I'm always looking for a decent spot to stay over there. And that decent spot, that "just right" place with…


The Day I Jumped

Skydiving was on my bucket list for a really long time. It was one of those "to do's" that never leave the list: to fly free. Of course, as bucket lists go with single mothers, the list kept growing and very few things were getting crossed off. Then one night I ran into my friend Nacho. He's a local skydiver. After…

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My friend Ricard Carbia rippin it.

Surf Photo Expedition (My first)

I went on my very first surf photo expedition yesterday. Yes! I have a brand new DSLR camera (bought it in November) and I just love it!!!! So I armed myself with the 300mm lens and went to Aviones beach; local metro area beach that usually has some sort of wave, although generally way too crowded. It was windy and cold…


La Ventana @ Utuado, Puerto Rico

Today we head north to Utuado, but we won't go to the usual spot in the area, The Camuy Caves... nope, today we head to another smaller cave with a spectacular view! "La Ventana" or "window" in English, is a short trip. Utuado is really close to Arecibo, neighboring towns, and you could do this trip on the same round as…


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