Lo extraño Lo extraño con dulzura Veo su transformación y me sorprende ¡Qué rápido!   Ahora me mira diferente Siento que hay algo de sabiduría Cosas que puede ver   Y me aconseja Me extiende la mano y no tengo que ñangotarme Somos iguales Al mismo nivel   Me enorgullece Sé que será grande Porque … Continue reading 08/07/2015

Why Being Pro-Choice Means Being Pro-Life

Well today I read an article about abortion rights. It seems that it's still a rather controversial issue and so I've decided to speak my mind about it. The argument against abortion is always about the lives of the children and the argument for it is about the lives of the mothers. But the truth … Continue reading Why Being Pro-Choice Means Being Pro-Life

First Flight

  The baby birds have flown! Recently I posted about a mother bird who had nested in my flower box. In my last post, the baby birds were already full feathered, but still had not flown. I had mentioned how the mother had been cooing at them from the floor and that I thought she was … Continue reading First Flight