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Evidence of the Notebook!

Why I Write – Blog Hopped Edition

I was recently bloghopped by an amazing author: JD Estrada. I met JD at the recent Puerto Rico Comic Con 2015 and got myself a signed copy of one amazing ride (Only Human) that I have yet to finish, but promise to tell (without spoilers) when I’m done. For now, I’ll leave you with one thought: Thank God I’m Only…


Why I wrote Pixie Piper

The Adventures of Pixie Piper: A Fairy's Breath by Maricel Jiménez Peña My rating: 5 of 5 stars I wanted to write something fun to read; an adventure! I am still a child at heart and I love fairies. I think they are beautiful, mysterious, and interesting. I researched and read until I found something that inspired me. In the…


The Way of Togetherness

Amy walked out the automatic doors of the baggage claim area, wishing she could somehow wake up and all of it would have been a horrible nightmare, but as she heard the thunder outside and saw the dreadful weather she knew everything that had happened in the last three days was real. There was no more denying it. She clutched…


La Casa Deshabitada

 La casa estaba trepada al tope de una cuesta.  Aunque el anuncio prometía: “muchos cuartos, salas grandes, balcones y un patio gigante,” era enorme; mucho más de lo que me había imaginado.  Consideré alejarme, no fuera a ser que me enamorara y no pudiera pagar la renta, pero ya estaba allí.  No perdía nada con verla.             Subí la cuesta…

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El elevador del 403

Son dos, pero el de los pasajeros dejó de dar señales de vida hace más de un mes así que nos queda uno: el de carga.  El de carga era aquél que todos evitaban. Ese que amenazaba con quedarse a diario, e inclusive estuvo meses fuera de servicio. Ahora ese es el que nos queda. Pero es malo y caprichoso.…


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